A screenshot showing a live stream of a GoLive! Event, hosted on EventMobi's Virtual Event Platform, and a popup of a countdown timer for the next event.

Time is ticking and you need expert help to bring your event plan to life. Let our Event Production Services Team help you create engaging broadcast-quality content for your next virtual or hybrid event.

EventMobi is more than just software — we’re an event production company, too. Choose from an extensive range of service packages to ensure your virtual and hybrid event production goes off without a hitch.

Pre- and Post Event Videos

From attendee onboarding videos to highlight reels, GoLive! can create all the high-quality video content you need.

GoLive! Virtual Event Production

Dazzle the most discerning attendees at your next virtual event with branded, broadcast-quality live streaming production.

GoLive! Hybrid Event Production

GoLive! will work with your on-site AV event services team to transform speaker sessions into engaging virtual live streams.

Speaker Management & Pre-Recorded Content

Avoid day-of issues and let GoLive! prep your speakers, check at-home setups, and pre-record content for simulive sessions.

EventMobi Studio Assist

When do-it-yourself isn’t an option, GoLive! producers can manage your EventMobi Studio live streaming sessions for you.

Breakout Room Assistance

Don’t get bogged down managing breakout rooms. GoLive! will manage the technical side, so you can focus on your attendees.
Two computer monitors: left monitor is showing the GoLive Production process of editing the elements on Adobe After Effects, while the right monitor shows the output that will show on the EventMobi Live Stream.

The best virtual events must be more than just a video conference. The GoLive! Team will take your event to the next level by:

  • Creating your virtual show flow and prepping all remote speakers
  • Elevating the quality of your live streams and videos with branded motion graphics, speaker titles, logos , sponsor banners, tickers and more
  • Delivering beautiful speaker presentations with up to 4-speaker panels

An image of a GoLive Professional producing a live stream event, and another image of a live event being recorded using a professional camera.

Offer your virtual audience conference live streaming content created especially for them. The GoLive! Team will:

  • Work alongside your on-site AV team to deliver engaging live stream content into your event space
  • Transform main stage live streams with speaker layouts, graphics and video playback for remote attendees
  • Integrate up to two remote presenters into your live sessions
  • Edit and upload session videos post-event

A popup of a woman with a volume control, an image of a man producing a live stream session using EventMobi Studio, and a popup of the EventMobi Studio controls.

When you need an extra hands so you can stay focused on your content and conversations, GoLive! will:

  • Set up sessions, upload graphics, and add links to your show plan
  • Prep your moderators and speakers
  • Produce, monitor and record sessions on the day of

GoLive! can help you create beautiful, branded videos to share pre- and post event that will help you to:

  • Drive registration across your digital channels
  • Teach your audience how to navigate & make the most of your event space
  • Showcase the best of your event to drum up excitement for next year

An event organizer’s hand is pointed at a computer screen as he reviews the show flow on one screen and participates in a live Weekly Meetup event on the other.

Creating on-brand, on-budget virtual events is easier than ever with EventMobi. Broadcast fully branded, professional live stream sessions in seconds, right inside our virtual platform.

Get started by downloading our free Virtual Show Flow Template, a downloadable template you can use to build your run of show as you plan your next virtual event.

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The future of events is hybrid, and planners are arming themselves with the tools they need to hit the ground running.

Sign up now to access EventMobi’s Complete Hybrid Event Checklist, a free template ready for you to copy and use as you plan your next hybrid event.

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EventMobi Studio

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