With polls and surveys, your attendees are anonymous participants in your sessions providing real-time feedback and interaction.

Easy-to-access polls within sessions allow speakers to make attendee responses part of their presentations.
Gain insight into attendees’ reactions to sessions, and speakers. and more in real time to make changes on the fly or capture learnings to apply at your next event.
Enhance overall engagement at your event by giving your guests a chance to interact, share opinions, and collaborate.

Trying to increase attendee networking at your event?

This ebook will teach you how to use an event app and appointment booking technology to promote networking before and after your event.

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Multi-Event Management

Provide easy access to your entire event portfolio. Drive more registrations by cross-promoting events to your members, employees, and customers.

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Registration & Check-in

Make a brilliant first impression.  With a custom designed event registration app, you’ll be offering your guests an easy and convenient way to sign up.

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