An informative staff meeting is dependent on one key attribute: information accessibility. Our platform enables you to provide all the information your team needs directly on their phones. It’s easy for you, it’s easy for them.

Provide the agenda, important documents, group discussions, notifications and more so your team has everything they need throughout the meeting..
Event Apps
With polls and surveys your team can participate in sessions, provide feedback and pose questions; they can then upvote based on their preferences so you know what’s important to them.
Live Polls & Surveys
See which documents are being accessed, who is engaging the most, what topics are of most interest and which sessions are the hottest with robust analytics.
See it in action.

"Very satisfied and intend to work with EventMobi again…"

I am very satisfied with my experience and intend to work with EventMobi again. The event was a big hit, in large due to this partnership. Thank you to the entire EventMobi team!

Samantha Harflett


"The team was a great help…"

The EventMobi staff was available to us on the phone and online to live chat whenever we needed them. The team was a great help in providing solutions for some of the creative ways we wanted to use the app. 

Adam Suellentrop

Barkley Kalpak Agency