Event Tech Insiders

Sponsors are the key to your events.

Logos and banner ads are a great start, but a home-run sponsor engagement program will guarantee sponsors will return over and over.

Join industry experts Thorben Grosser, Alistair Fernandes, and Christine Mack on Thursday, May 4th, at 11 am ET/5 pm CEST at the next Event Tech Insiders session.

You’ll learn battle-tested strategies on how to think like a sponsor and lock in sponsorship value.

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  • Event Tech Live Las Vegas 2023
    Event Tech Live Las Vegas 2023
  • Momentus Innovation Summit 2023
    Momentus Innovation Summit 2023
  • MPISCC – (WE)Con 2023
    MPISCC – (WE)Con 2023
  • IMEX Frankfurt
    IMEX Frankfurt
  • ESCA – Summer Educational Conference
    ESCA – Summer Educational Conference
  • Canadian Meetings & Events Expo
    Canadian Meetings & Events Expo