Engage your attendees and members with:

  • Customizable Personal Profiles
  • Group Discussions
  • Appointment Booking
  • Private 1:1 Chat
  • Live Session Chat
  • Activity Feed
  • Tweet From Sessions
  • Moderation for Group Discussions & Activity Feed
  • Track Engagement With Usage Reports

Enable your attendees to build lasting relationships that make them want to keep coming back year after year.
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Let your community share content-rich bios with attachments, links, and custom fields to make their profiles really unique.
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Track interaction analytics that will help you create a better event networking app experience.
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Enable your attendees to achieve the greatest value from their event experience. Appointment Booking helps build more meaningful and robust relationships between attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors by allowing them to schedule 1:1 meetings in the event networking app.

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Attendees can read, react to, and post public messages on your community’s Activity Feed! Too much going on? Create threads for different topics, to make room for everyone.

Attendees can:

  • Share posts with photos and text
  • Comment (and edit their comments) on posts
  • React with emojis to posts and comments
  • Click to view profiles of engaged attendees

Use Appointment Booking to Maximize Attendee Networking

Trying to increase attendee networking at your event?

This ebook will teach you how to use an event app and appointment booking technology to promote networking before and after your event.

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Event Apps

Show them everything, exactly how you want it.  With Eventmobi Event Apps, you can create an accessible, custom, feature-rich experience for your guests.

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Live Display

Make your gamification even more motivating and fun.  Watch as guests get to see where they rank on your game’s leaderboard on the event’s Live Display.

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