6 Ways to Use Videos for Event Marketing

Videos are powerful tools with far more impact than the printed word or images. It has become easier to produce high quality videos even on a shoestring budget. Yet, videos continue to be under-utilized by event industry professionals.


To create compelling videos:

  • Mind map to generate as many great ideas as possible.
  • Bounce them off clients and past participants.
  • Storyboard the video in detail.
  • Pay attention to lighting. It can make or break a video.
  • Don’t scrimp on décor or backdrops. They add a touch of professionalism.
  • Remember, eye-popping colors work best for grabbing attention.

Here are 6 ways for event planners to supercharge their event marketing through the strategic use of videos.

1. Pre-roll

YouTube pre-roll is a very effective strategy for capturing the attention of prospective clients or event participants. Pre-roll is targeted and, if it is compelling with a strong call-to-action, it can achieve desired results.

2. Build Interest with Speaker Previews

One way to get participants excited about an upcoming event is to create powerful videos showcasing some of the speakers.

GBTA always does a great job of promoting its conference speaker line-up through videos.

Here is their most recent example:

3. Viral Videos

Viral videos can spread the word about services and events at relatively little cost. The key to success is to make sure that they are upbeat, engaging, and clever. When they are compelling, viewers can’t wait to share them with friends, family, and business colleagues.

Turtle Creek Lane has never looked back since its Christmas décor video went viral on Facebook. They followed up with an equally engaging Valentine’s Day décor video.

4. Power up Blog Content

Not only can videos be incorporated into blogs but blog post content can be brought to life through the use of videos.

For an excellent example, see the video that accompanies EventMobi’s Pop-up Events blog post.

5. Share the Excitement

One of the best ways to build excitement for your next event is to share the fun on your website and across social media channels. That is what PCMA New York did recently.

There is something about watching business colleagues and familiar faces having a blast that makes prospective participants want to jump into the action.

6. Bring Testimonials to Life

One of the best ways to promote your next event is with strong testimonials from past participants. Taking the time to record video testimonials is a worthwhile investment. They can be shared on YouTube or Vimeo, social media, or event and conference websites.


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