7 Things to Look for in an Event App

There’s so much to consider when planning an event. 

  • Will you host it in-person, online, or as a hybrid event experience
  • Whom will you invite, and how will you encourage people to come? 
  • What speakers and events will you feature? 
  • How much can you spend? 

But one of the most important decisions has to do with the event app you choose. 

The right app will serve as the central hub for the event, playing a crucial role in everything from pre-event marketing to post-event analysis. It will also play a big part in the overall attendee experience. 

To help you make the right choice for your next event, we’ve outlined the most important elements to look for when choosing an event app. 

The EventMobi event app includes all these features, but no matter what you choose, be sure your app is powerful enough to do everything on this list. 

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1. Customize the event app with your own branding 

A mobile phone showing the home screen of an Event App, with a popup of a banner ad of a sponsor and another popup of editing tools

Your event app is in many ways the face of your event. Attendees will be logging into it before the event starts, every day during the event, and after the event comes to a close. So it’s vital that your event app reflects your brand. 

When shopping for an event app provider, make sure you’ll be able to easily customize the app with your own branding and logos, and that you’ll have control over the wording and tone of voice across the app. Look for event apps that make this process simple—too much custom coding can be a drain on your resources. 

2. Use pre-event marketing to boost attendance

To earn a high ROI on your event, you must effectively spread the word about your event to your target audience. Your event app should make this easy. 

Within the app, you can feature the highlights of your events, from high-profile speakers and sponsors to the various events and networking opportunities attendees will have. 

You can also use the app to send information as the event grows closer, with exciting updates to the schedule or information about the location of your event and what to do in the area. 

Your event app should help sponsors promote themselves as well, with banner ads or widgets on the home screen, so they can have a better return on the investment they made in your event. 

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3. Build clear and accessible agendas and event info 

A mobile phone showing a map of the event venue with a pin leading to the conference suite. A popup shows the legend key of each section of the map, and another popup shows the Google Maps view of the event venue.

Attendees will have a more enjoyable experience at your event (and be more likely to come to future events) if it’s easy for them to navigate the physical or virtual space and the different speakers and activities on the schedule. 

The right event app will put all the vital information in one place; you can show users an interactive map of the venue, give instructions on how to get there, and allow them to review the agenda and select the sessions they want to attend, right in the app. 

4. Simplify registration and check-in 

The registration and check-in experience is the first impression attendees will have of your event. Without the right event app, the check-in process may be messy, complicated, and confusing. 

But with the right solution in place, attendees can check themselves in using the app and a tablet computer. They can even receive custom, branded badges once they’ve arrived—and you can use these badges to drive engagement and networking among attendees. 

5. Add value with boosted networking experiences 

A mobile phone showing a 1-on-1 meeting between two attendees, and a popup showing the event app's People Search capabilities by searching for an attendee by their first and last names

As an event planner, one of your most important jobs is to give your audience plenty of ways to make new connections—and the best event apps play a big role here. 

With the EventMobi app, for example, the built-in chat function allows attendees to send private or public messages, meaning they can connect no matter where they are. Attendees, speakers, and sponsors can create a public profile showing their background and contact details. With the tap of a button, users can request an in-person or virtual meeting. It’s truly networking made easy. 

The most powerful event apps also offer gamification to not only make networking easy, but fun. They allow event planners to build challenges and some friendly competition amongst their audience, with the ultimate goal of making new connections. Audience members can also use the app to participate in live polls and surveys or ask questions during sessions. 

6. Extend the lifespan of your event

A strong event app is so valuable because its purpose extends well beyond the end of your event. Once your attendees have gone home or logged off, you can turn your virtual event space into an evergreen content platform. 

Instead of losing all that wonderful content you captured during the event, you can turn it into an ongoing resource. Your attendees can return to watch any sessions they missed, or review those that truly resonated with them. And your marketing team will have a mountain of fresh content to repurpose. 

7. Gather feedback and start planning your next event

For event planners, the most valuable part of any event may come once the curtain has closed. 

This is when you can use your event app to gather valuable feedback from attendees, speakers, and sponsors. With EventMobi, you can customize the questionnaires you send, giving you access to valuable testimonials and constructive criticism to help you build an even more successful event next time. 

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