5 Ways EventMobi’s Professional Services Help You Design and Execute the Best Event App

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Planning and managing an event is no easy task, even for the most veteran planner. The combination of a million small and large tasks (both predictable and unpredictable) all building up to a hard deadline would be chaotic for anyone.  It’s easy to see why a career as an event planner consistently ranks high on the list of most stressful jobs.

The amount of time, resources, and technical knowledge needed to successfully produce an event is something many teams struggle with every day.  And when you add in demands from attendees for an ever increasing and engaging event experience with access to innovative event technology, it creates even more pressure.  

It’s no surprise that today’s event attendee expects event technology such as an event app to be provided at your event. Easy access to information, a convenient way to see updates in the schedule, and tools to interact with speakers and attendees play a big role in a seamless event experience. That’s why so many event planners leverage Professional Services offered by their event app providers.  



The first step to take once you decide to invest in an event app is to determine if you’re going to build or buy. Does it make more sense to build it internally using your organization’s own resources, or partner with a technology provider to develop your event app? For an easy way to evaluate your options, check out this helpful infographic.

Event app technology providers like EventMobi offer a wide range of features, flexibility, and customization. One of the main benefits of partnering with a third party provider is being able to avoid getting lost in the weeds with all the little, yet numerous, tasks that go into developing an event app. Instead, you’re able to focus on what you do best – designing an incredible event experience.

Working with an event app’s Professional Services team means you can leverage all the experience and expert knowledge they have in regards to maximizing app adoption, usage, and engagement at your event.

At EventMobi, we’ve been helping thousands of event organizers like you for over nine years effectively create and launch event apps, and ensuring their attendees and events reap the maximum benefit.

In this post, we’ll take you through five ways EventMobi’s Professional Services can help you design and execute the best event app. These Professional Services have been designed to help you throughout the entire event journey, starting from setting a clear goal to analyzing your event success and obtain key learnings.

1. Event Tech Concierge: Helping you align your event app success metrics with your event goals

The goals you set at the beginning of your planning cycle are what you measure success against. Goal setting is not a quick exercise, but the payoff is definitely worth it because you’re able to evaluate success from a concrete set of post-event measurements available through your event app.

The goals for every event are different so how you measure success against those goals will be individual to the event you produce. There are many different motivations behind investing in an event app. The chart below shows some common goals when adopting this type of technology solution.

How to create event goals

At EventMobi, a dedicated Event Tech Concierge works with you to develop a customized event app strategy with specific goals that can be measured through your post-event app analytics. We also help you plan and stay on track with regular check-ins to ensure you achieve your milestones at every stage of the project management plan.


2. Custom Event App Design: Integrate your event branding for maximum exposure

Integrating the event brand or theme into your event app design acts as another touchpoint to reinforce a connection between your audience, organization, and event. And it all starts with the event app home screen design.

The home screen is one of the first things that your attendees see when they interact with your event app. Creating a good first impression is critical to app adoption.  Customization is the key to a stunning event app that gives that ‘wow’ factor for your attendees. EventMobi’s platform is highly customizable; from simple color selection to complex CSS style sheets, our platform offers many different customization options.

With EventMobi’s Custom Event App Design Services, our design experts create custom branded apps that make all the difference when it comes to creating an impactful impression and brand connection with your event attendees. 



With the EventMobi’s platform, it’s very easy to switch elements from the home screen. You can plan a dynamic design that will change and evolve according to the stage you are in your event. For example, before the event to highlight in the home screen a call to action to KBYG, during the event promote the agenda, and after the event a survey.

Creating visually appealing images will help to capture the attention of your attendees and prompt them to interact with the event app. You want to enable them to access the information they need as easily and quickly as possible and promote content you want them to see. Additionally,  every touchpoint your attendees have with your app means more brand exposure for your event theme.

Recommended Resource:


To see custom branded event app designs that our Services team has created for clients, check out these examples.


3. Custom Integration Services: Connect your event app with your tech stack

Event app integrations can help you improve your workflow and save a lot of time when it comes to managing your event data. But understanding the technical side of setting up an integration can be intimidating, so that’s why planners choose EventMobi’s Customized Integration Services.

There are many types of event technologies that can help event organizers in different ways. You don’t need to limit your event to a single provider or have systems working as data silos. An integration gives two or more tools (not created by the same company) the capability to share data with each other. This means you don’t need to manually upload or import that data because it’s automatically done for you!

A typical form of integration is between the registration system and the event app. In this case, data related to attendees, speakers, and sessions is collected during the registration process and synced with the mobile app so everything is ready to go when attendees download the app.  Another common integration is to share event data with CRM systems so it’s easy to use post-event. For example, following up on prospect information captured during the event. These are just two examples of systems integrations with an event app. At EventMobi, our Customized Integration Services enables you to automatically sync a variety of different types of event data including:

  • Customer Relationship Management Tools (CRM)
  • Association Management Systems (AMS)
  • Marketing Automation & Email Marketing Platforms
  • Registration Tools
  • Onsite Event Solutions
  • Event Websites

Event app integrations mean there are less technical logistics to worry about. You benefit from integrations in the following ways:

  • A significant amount of time is saved with automated data syncing vs. manual uploading (and re-uploading)
  • Fewer errors are made and outdated information is prevented from being published
  • Reporting is more robust and accurate because attendee data is pushed directly into your existing systems post-event
  • Event app adoption rates and user experience will be improved because attendees will only need to access the event app vs. multiple tools

Our team works closely with event planners like you to ensure integration requirements are defined and met, and that all systems are seamlessly connected.

4. Promotional Marketing Materials: Support your event app communication and promotion strategy

While designing a great event app and building out features based on attendee needs is a priority, all your efforts are wasted if your audience doesn’t know about the app or understand why it’s important to download and use it. Even if you’ve created the most user-friendly event app, failing to communicate and promote its benefits to your audience can result in low adoption numbers and budget gone down the drain.

EventMobi’s Promotional Marketing Materials Services enable you to promote your event app and increase adoption rates through custom branded marketing materials. We create videos, images, and content to promote through all your marketing channels, including email and social media. The purpose is to educate your attendees about your event app. Through consultation, we customize your assets based on your event branding and the key event app features you want to highlight to your attendees.

To take full advantage of these creative assets, here are two examples of when to use them in promoting your event app.

  1. Registration confirmation page

When an attendee completes a registration form for your event, there’s always a confirmation page saying the registration was completed successfully. That confirmation page is the perfect opportunity to promote your event app. You can display a brief 30-second video like this that tells them how to download the mobile app and why it’s necessary for an optimal event experience.

  1. Dedicated email blasts

When it comes to how many promotional emails to send and how often the need will be unique to your event or industry. We recommend sending your first email to promote the event app 30 days prior to the live event. As part of our Promotional Marketing Materials Services, we create a full campaign of emails that you can send out to your database to promote the event app.

If you have the capacity, we highly recommend sending a dedicated email focused on your event app at some point prior to your event. The message can be straight-to-the-point, encouraging attendees to download the event app prior to the event and to start exploring its content so that they’re familiar with it by the time they are onsite.

5. Onsite Support Services: An extra pair of helping hands during your event

No matter how carefully you’ve planned and prepared for your event, there will always be little (and sometimes big) things that unexpectedly pop up and surprise you during the event. With so many elements to balance, like last minute changes in room scheduling, speakers canceling, or issues with food and beverage, having to worry about technical difficulties is the last thing you want to be concerned with.

To give you that peace of mind when it comes to your event app or if you’d like the help of an additional team member, EventMobi provides Onsite Support Services to ensure a smooth and seamless experience. You’ll benefit from having an expert onsite to support your team and attendees so you can focus on managing other important aspects of your event.

With this service, a dedicated Event Technology Specialist is present at your event to help with anything related to your event technology. They are the first point of contact when it comes to managing your event app, live polls, digital signage and more. Our onsite experts will adapt to your needs and support in different ways, like:

  • Update event data in the app (agenda changes, new poll questions, surveys etc)
  • Run an app check-in desk helping attendees to download the app
  • Support speakers to run session engagement like live polls and live questions
  • Coordinate promote onsite gamification
  • Monitor adoption and usage and help to promote the app

Many clients choose this service and highly recommend our Event Technology Specialists, like Noorin:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Noorin was a rockstar and really became an extension of our team. Thanks for all you did for us and for your dedication to our event’s success.”

—Shelly Z., Southern Glazier

In Conclusion

If you don’t have an army of people, tech skills or the time to design and launch an engaging and interactive event app, our Professional Services team is always available for you to take advantage of. Leveraging the services and technology expertise of event app vendors like EventMobi opens up so many possibilities to tackle those tasks that can easily eat away at your time and energy.

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